Custom Spotlight: Adelaide Belt & Hose

Adelaide Belt & Hose (ABH) was founded over 25 years ago and has been providing high quality products and services to a multitude of industries ever since!  We’ve been in partnership with ABH since our very beginning and were happy to recently receive the following kind words from ABH Director, Malcolm Amos. Thank you Malcolm!

“Adelaide Belt & Hose (ABH) has been supported by Blackbird IT for over ten years and in that time, they have assisted our company to be at the forefront of IT, which adds to the service level we can offer to our customers.
Their ability to plan ahead for our future growth, as well as providing consistent superior IT backup, is great support.
The equipment recommended and the customised IT setup is well planned and provides great level of performance for our company, with great support both onsite and with constant monitoring of our IT infrastructure.
The systems that Blackbird IT have set up ensure that we can rely on the integrity of the data, with multiple redundant storage drives and backups.
We rely more on our IT systems now than we ever did and as we don’t have an in-house IT department, we have proved using Blackbird IT, we don’t need one.
The friendly team at Blackbird IT are our go-to people for all our IT requirements as we can rely and trust them totally.
With that great IT support behind us, it allows ABH to focus on the other important facets of running a successful business.
I would highly recommend Blackbird IT to any company that is looking for that extra edge in managing their IT”

Malcolm Amos, Adelaide Belt & Hose

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