Will hardware shortages impact you for 2023? Steps you can take to get your kit on time.

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Technology plays a vital role in today’s classrooms all around the world. It impacts learning outcomes, helps both students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, and offers interactive and engaging learning activities. Safe to say, it’s something that schools can’t live without in our evolving tech-driven world.

Unfortunately, many schools are not receiving these technologies and systems due to the following factors below.

Manufacturing Constraints
In addition, there are also major constraints in product manufacturing within the industry. Silicone and other materials that are vital in making tech hardware and products, parts such as semiconductor chips, integrated circuit boards and glass for computer screens are in high demand and short supply. Combined, these setbacks are causing some product lines to have lengthy delays. After ordering, some of these will take 6 – 12 months to arrive.

Global Shipping Delay 
There are currently major global shipping delays in place which have impacted the arrival of technology items required for schools and education systems. This trend is continuing to evolve with predictions it will continue into the unforeseeable future causing impacts on our teachers and students to teach and learn. Some orders that were a previous 3-week turnaround have now escalated to a whopping 6 month wait time.

How will this affect my school? 
Learning outcomes for students may be compromised without the presence of necessary technology products that are integrated into today’s teaching approaches and curriculum.

With the many challenges already sitting on our teacher’s shoulders, the addition of technology disruptions could be catastrophic. Staff and teachers rely heavily on technical solutions to help plan, communicate and teach on a daily basis.

What should I do? 
With these delays out of everyone’s hands, we are urgently encouraging schools to plan ahead for 2023 now in order to receive the necessary technical equipment required for your school. This will ensure there are minimal, or no disruptions allowing your staff and students to operate as normal.

Blackbird IT has your best interests at heart. Our dedicated team are here ready to help guide you towards a successful and prepared school year in 2023.


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