Six Factors to Consider When Choosing Business or School Internet

Following our recent ‘Thinking NBN? Think Again’ article, we’ve been getting some great questions around what other Internet options are available for businesses.  We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you some tips on selecting Internet for business.

Whether you’re in an existing contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and looking to change, are about to undertake a move or open a new office, or perhaps you’re looking for increased speeds and reliability, there are many things to consider when it comes to selecting an Internet service for your business.

Here we explain the top 6 things to consider when it comes to selecting business Internet.

1. Internet Service Types

4G, ADSL/ADSL2, Wireless, SHDSL, Fibre, NBN… There are so many options, but what is the difference between them all? Basically, aside from price, it all comes down to the speed capabilities they can provide and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Click here to see an overview of each of the common Internet services, their speed capabilities and which situations each connection is best suited to.

2. What Internet Speed You Actually Need

We briefly mentioned the difference in speeds across each of the Internet services, but do you know what speeds you need to adequately support your everyday business requirements? An organisation that runs web-based applications, hosted cloud services or VoIP phone systems is likely to require fast speeds to ensure there are no interruptions to services and productivity.

Conversely, for an organisation running the bare minimum such as email and internet browsing, you may be paying too much for high speeds that you simply do not need. It is also important to note that Internet connections can have different quality of connection which affects the speed (known as latency). Engaging with a professional to assist in choosing a high quality connection that best fits your business will ensure cost efficiency and savings.

3. Redundancy – No We Don’t Mean What You Might Think

Redundancy, in Internet terms, is a failover Internet connection. That is, an alternate connection that switches on in the event of your main Internet connection going down.

Are you an organisation that cannot afford even a few minutes of downtime? Consider planning for a redundancy connection.

4. Availability and Connection Timeframes

While high speed connections are fantastic, needless to say, they are useless if they aren’t available in your area. If you’re looking at changing over your Internet or getting a connection at a new premises, it is important to do your research on availability and consider the timeframe it takes to complete the changeover or new connection. Some services can take weeks, even months to install.

Be aware of the caveats and do your research well in advance of your move or changeover to ensure you are well prepared.

5. Cost

Your Internet costs can range anywhere from under $100 to well over $1000 per month, all depending on the service and support you require. If your Internet security and reliability are key in your business, then paying a premium price for an Enterprise grade service might be more of a necessity than a business that utilises Internet to occasionally browse the web.

The costs from your ISP will vary greatly depending on a number of factors, some of which we have mentioned above.  This is another reason you should always engage a professional to assist you in choosing the connection which best suits your business.

DID YOU KNOW: Blackbird IT can provide competitive pricing on a number of Internet technology solutions including Wireless and Fibre?

6. Deciding on an Internet Service and Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Unfortunately there is no cookie-cutter approach to choosing an Internet service and ISP. There are many variables that come into play which is why we suggest engaging with a professional to assist in finding the connection which best suits your business needs.

When it comes to ISP’s, there are so many to choose from it can be daunting to pick a provider. Luckily, Blackbird IT can not only assist you in determining your business Internet requirements, we can also provide competitive pricing on a number of Internet technology solutions including Wireless, ADSL2 and Fibre helping to make your decision much simpler.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you’re looking to change ISP, need some professional assistance in selecting the right Internet connection or are just looking for quality Internet at a competitive rate, call Blackbird IT on 08 7324 7777 (ext 3) or email us for a no obligation discussion.

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