After hearing of the successful collaboration at Unley Primary, Brighton Primary School approached Blackbird IT to perform an audit of their network to determine why, despite there being a new high speed fibre connection, their Internet speed still seemed to be slow.
During the audit, Blackbird IT identified a number of issues needing addressing including a number required to ensure that the school conformed to DECD standards. Following successful rectification of the issues, Blackbird IT went on to take over the day-to-day management of the IT facilities at Brighton Primary including providing training to staff as well as successfully installing Mobile Device Management to assist in managing school iPads.

The Issue

The previous IT service provider who supported Brighton Primary on a day-to-day basis had not adhered to DECD standards; the school had a Linux Curriculum server that onsite staff were unable to administer, non-standard DECD IP range and VLANs, Poor Internet Filtering and inadequate wireless provision. The network equipment in the core cabinet and main building were aged and in need of replacement. These issues all culminated in the client’s frustration of having a slow network, and therefore ‘slow Internet’. With around 120 iPads being managed by a laptop using Apple Configurator, the school was unable to keep all devices up-to-date with the correct settings and Apps. They wanted a more simple and straightforward way of managing their iPad fleet.

The Solution

Blackbird IT performed an audit of the site and following consultation with leaders and teachers, presented a proposal to Brighton Primary to address issues identified from the audit. The proposal covered the changeover of the Curriculum Server to a Windows Server and the installation of new network equipment. This provided adequate backhaul across the whole campus allowing for a new, more comprehensive wireless solution to be rolled out in phases fitting with the budget cycle.

Pleased by the professional manner and understanding of school procedures, Blackbird IT were asked to take over the day-to-day management of the IT facilities at Brighton Primary, while providing training to school staff on how to changes passwords and modify the Internet Filtering for the Dual-ISP. This ensured the school was able to have instant access to support in those areas which were identified as important by the school.

A Mobile Device Management software was installed over the Christmas school holidays to enable an easy to maintain system of iPad management. The solution provided the ability to sync devices and update them with the latest apps and configuration settings, without the manual task of touching each device physically.

Blackbird IT has also been assisting by providing relevant and timely ICT training to staff, active involvement in strategic ICT Meetings and ongoing utilisation of the Account Manager’s vast experience as a former DECD ICT Manager.

About Brighton Primary School

Brighton Primary School a forward thinking, innovative and cosmopolitan Education Department school of approximately 650 students. The school is well regarded for its innovative embedding of technology across the curriculum. Teaching and learning programs are characterised by the effective use of digital resources such as interactive whiteboards, a range of digital platforms, educational and presentation software. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy and video suite are used to further enhance creativity and learning.

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