Donald Angus and Howard Schulze have always been strong advocates for Apple computers. So much so that it has often been challenging running a large, all-Mac network in a PC-dominated industry. Their fine example proves that Macs aren’t just for designers and creative professionals!

The Issue

When Collison was first introduced to Blackbird, it was running a peer-to-peer network of Macs with no central management and ageing Unix servers handling their email and database. These systems were showing their age and becoming prone to problems. After hearing about Blackbird from an existing client, Donald Angus contacted us to seek our advice.

The Solution

After assessing the existing infrastructure, Blackbird went to work configuring and installing a new Mac Pro server. User accounts were created for each member of staff and email accounts were migrated from the old Unix server to the new Mac Pro. Shared folders were set up on the server and user data was consolidated in these central locations. As staff often change desks, mobile user accounts were configured so that each member would see the same desktop and settings, no matter where they sat.

As the company Intranet had been running on an old legacy server, due to the minimal system requirements, this was migrated to the new server to run as a virtual machine, which further increased the resilience of the system and eliminated the cost of replacing the physical server.

If you are running an all-Mac network and seek the comfort of knowing that your systems will be meticulously maintained by Blackbird’s Apple Certified technicians, then call the office on (08) 7324 7777.

About Collison & Co

Collison & Co provides professional, economical services in the areas of patents, trade marks and design to a broadly based clientele consisting of many companies and individuals throughout Australia and overseas. As well as assisting with protection of these intellectual properties, they also conduct searches through the Australian patent, trade mark and design records and provide expert advice.

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