John Walker, ComAp Group IT Manager, contacted Blackbird seeking help with the connectivity between interstate locations. Blackbird designed a solution utilising a central Sophos UTM in conjunction with Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices (RED).

After being very happy with the initial engagement, John came back for assistance with the deployment of a new VoIP solution.

The Issue

John explained that he was using an IBC (Internode Business Connect) private network and he wanted to roll out a new phone system. The goal was to setup a centralised Internet Connection and re-use the Sophos UTM.

The solution deployed needed to be extremely robust and downtime could only be very minimal.

The Solution

On reviewing the requirements Blackbird quoted up a time budget to run the project and developed a strategy to determine how the desired outcomes were to be achieved.

Blackbird designed the network, both switching and routing and also liaised with the other third parties involved; Internode for Internet connectivity and Tie Networks who were implementing the Mitel phone system.

Internode managed the Cisco routers that were in use at the sites so Blackbird designed the configuration to be deployed at each location.

The central Sophos UTM was deployed in the Internode Data Centre in order to provide the required level of performance and protection. Dynamic routing was configured to handle the various site subnets.

The Mitel phone system, running on Linux virtual machines Microsoft Windows Operating System was virtualised and deployed to the VMware ESXi cluster with shared storage.

About ComAp

ComAp specialises in creating electronic control and management solutions for use in the power generation industries and drive power markets. Their portfolio of products, software and accessories is designed to support emergency power, standby power generation and engine driven applications all over the world.

ComAp is a dynamic international company with a solid reputation for delivering innovative electronic solutions to the power generation, industrial engine and equipment market. By providing customers with state-of-the-art products, ComAp has built a name for delivering excellent reliability and good value.

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