Guidera O’Connor was frustrated with the number of IT problems that it was experiencing along with the speed of its systems, so it decided to look for a new IT provider. Taking the advice of an associated company, Tony Guidera contacted Blackbird to investigate the cause of the issues.

The Issue

Our initial inspection showed up a number of issues, including the performance of the server, which was unable to handle the increased staff numbers. Backups were rarely completing and the server was often crashing, which posed a serious risk to business continuity. The server had not been regularly maintained and it was clear that Blackbird would have to devise a strategy to protect the company from a potential catastrophic failure.

The Solution

Blackbird assessed the needs of Guidera O’Connor and decided to upgrade the current server, which saved it the expense of a brand new machine. The server’s hard drives were upgraded to larger and faster disks which restored its ability to handle the demand and ensure that backups could be completed within schedule.

Since then, Guidera O’Connor has moved to a new, purpose-built office in Thebarton. Blackbird was enlisted to project-manage all the IT aspects of the move. All computers were shutdown on a Friday afternoon ready for the move. The transfer took place over the weekend and everything was up and running for the start of business at the new location. Even when the phone company decided to sever the connection at the telephone exchange, Blackbird was quickly able to come up with a backup solution so that staff members could get email while the phone service was restored.

From the very start, Blackbird has implemented a regular maintenance and monitoring schedule to protect Guidera O’Connor pro-actively against the majority of common issues that most businesses encounter. Coupled with strategic planning, this approach has provided Guidera O’Connor with several years of trouble-free service.

If you think your systems are running slower than they should or if you need help planning an IT move, please call our office on (08) 7324 7777.

About Guidera O’Connor

Guidera O’Connor is a privately owned South Australian company specialising in the design and construction of water treatment infrastructure. It operates predominantly in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria, with key clients including SA Water and The Water Corporation of Western Australia.

Guidera O’Connor has specific expertise and experience in the following areas: water treatment, wastewater treatment, storm water reuse, aquifer storage & recovery, chlorination, lime storage and dosing, powder-activated carbon storage and dosing, chemical dosing, pumping stations, desalination and microfiltration.

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