When Max Martin, Director of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, read the text on a parked Blackbird car, he realised he had found the company he was looking for.

The Issue

iNform had recently had an installation of a small business server to support its growing business. Unfortunately, its previous IT company was only familiar with modern-day Windows systems. So, when the two directors needed their new MacBook Pro laptops to communicate effectively with their Windows server, they were advised to look elsewhere.

The Solution

Max contacted Blackbird to ask for our assistance to get Outlook 2011 to send large file attachments. We recognised the issue and after applying the relevant configuration changes to the new server, Max was able to send large attachments again.

Having been pleased with the way that Blackbird handled the integration issues, Max requested that we take over the support of the network. The initial audit highlighted the disorganized state of the domain, web and email hosting. Blackbird then set about discovering all of the registration information and documenting the findings. Once determined, the details were all consolidated in a more logical manner, thus saving hosting costs and making future changes far easier.

If you think your online hosting is a mess or you need assistance integrating Macs into a Windows environment, contact Blackbird on (08) 7324 7777.

About iNform Health and Fitness

iNform Health and Fitness Solutions is training with a difference. Its aim is to create an atmosphere more like visiting a specialist rather than just a gym, where you work one-on-one with either a tertiary-educated exercise physiologist or a personal trainer every time you visit.

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