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Kidsafe SA’s reimagined IT environment drives a renewed focus on core services


Kidsafe was established in 1979 to focus the attention of policy makers and the community at large on the need for improved child safety measures.

Kidsafe SA is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to preventing unintentional deaths and reducing the incidence and severity of injuries to children aged less than 15 years. Their work is underpinned by the philosophy: ‘Prevention is better than cure’. They operate across three key safety areas, including:

  • Home – safe sleeping, burns prevention, drowning awareness, choking/suffocation, product safety
  • Road – car seat hires, driveway runover prevention, hot cars
  • Play – playground inspections, review of playground plans, nationally accredited training

Kidsafe SA provides expertise and the lead role in unintentional child injury prevention through education, training, advocacy and strategic partnerships. Playing an integral role in making South Australia a safer place for kids at home, at play and on the go, Operations Manager, McKeely Denholm reached out to Blackbird IT to help Kidsafe SA build an IT environment that would empower the Kidsafe team to operate more efficiently, wherever they are.


Kidsafe SA have trained over 1000 people in playground safety during the past three years. It’s just one of many indicators McKeely Denholm identified as a key measure of growth. With forward thinking, she identified a need for change.

For us to grow, IT was going to be a critical element in our ability to be flexible and fluid with our changing organisation. McKeely Denholm, Kidsafe SA Operations Manager

Prior to engaging Blackbird IT, Kidsafe SA had been operating with a bit-part IT environment that presented a host of business-critical challenges including:

  • Networking solution that offered limited availability which inherently impacted employees’ ability to execute everyday work
  • Manual storage solution that was not scalable, and lacked the ability to store photos of core work including playground inspection reports, site photo libraries and other large documents
  • Disjointed IT environment with unreliable Internet causing failure in business-critical applications, causing staff frustration
  • On-premise only environment that offered limited flexibility to work remotely with staff having to travel long distances to perform work
  • A disconnected team of employees without the requisite systems to enable collaborative work on common projects
  • Risk in losing valuable IP from security and backup exposures

Additionally, they didn’t have a backup policy in place, efficiencies across the organisation were a concern and their cybersecurity policy needed considerable work. With little strategic advice coming from their incumbent IT provider, Kidsafe SA turned to Blackbird IT via a third-party referral.


From the outset, and before we had commenced the actual process, it was very evident that Blackbird IT were evaluating the best possible solution for us. They offered tangible advice for streamlining processes and positioning our IT to facilitate growth over the long term.

They took a holistic view of our environment, including all our disparate systems and the overall organisation, and outlined to us in a succinct manner how they could make us more efficient, and ultimately save us money. – McKeely Denholm – Kidsafe SA Operations Manager


After sitting down with key stakeholders to understand the critical outcomes needed, Blackbird IT delivered a multi-faceted solution that incorporated the implementation of Microsoft 365 to enable collaboration across the organisation, a modern Sophos anti-virus solution, and Veeam 365 Backup to solidify data protection for business continuity.

In addition to this, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Intune were also leveraged to bolster Kidsafe SA’s security posture and device management capabilities.

Microsoft Azure and Intune were selected because of the modern solution’s ability to provide robust security protection, a key driver behind Kidsafe SA’s decision to work with Blackbird IT. Microsoft Azure and Intune deliver:

  • Enhanced Security on Usernames and Passwords (such as multifactor authentication/2FA)
  • Trusted Relationships between Workstation and Server
  • Device Encryption and Control in the event of loss/theft
  • Automation and Control over Deployment of Settings
  • Machine learning applied to Advanced Threat Protection

With the incumbent IT environment offering little in terms of efficiency, security and backup, the first priority for Blackbird IT was to address these critical issues. Transition to the modern cloud solution encompassing Microsoft 365 took roughly one week, with this period also consisting of an Internet upgrade, Sophos installation and removal of the one shared drive.


Since the implementation, Kidsafe SA has seen a number of key business outcomes emerge.

  • A new and trusted relationship where Kidsafe SA can lean on Blackbird IT for advice and new ideas
  • The organisation can focus on injury prevention for South Australian children with peace of mind knowing their IT is looked after and reliable
  • Staff can now work remotely and stay connected through a holistic and simple to use Microsoft 365 platform
  • Improved efficiency across the organisation with better work-life balance for staff, which has driven stronger employee satisfaction
  • A data protection and backup policy that is robust, maintains the integrity of Kidsafe SA’s intellectual property and has delivered considerable time-savings in contrast to the previously manual process
  • Kidsafe SA’s security posture is significantly stronger with data and device encryption, device management and patch/update management
  • Higher bandwidth to facilitate the current and future adoption of cloud-based applications

According to Kidsafe SA Operations Manager, McKeely Denholm, the new IT environment is night and day when compared to what they had previously, and the business outcomes are invaluable. But more than anything else, it’s the trusted partnership with Blackbird IT that truly stands out for them.

Being able to talk to our Account Manager Nathan Wieland on a regular basis, without it costing us anything to bounce ideas around and get advice has made an incredible difference to our organisation.

Everybody wants good customer service and a personable experience rather than a product shoved in your face, and that’s exactly what we get with Blackbird IT. They’re personable with expertise, and they provide all of this quickly and efficiently in a way that we can understand.McKeely Denholm, Kidsafe SA Operations Manager


In light of their newfound partnership, Kidsafe SA are now looking to unlock the true power of Microsoft Teams for better collaboration and new project avenues. They’re also looking to relocate to a new office soon which they want Blackbird IT to assist with, as well as a website update and brand refresh. It’s a partnership that McKeely says has reimagined how they look to the future.


Microsoft Teams Key Deliverables


Working with Blackbird IT has helped us to consider a fresh approach – know and identify our end goal, and then work on the process and tools that will enable us to make that happen. – McKeely Denholm, Kidsafe SA Operations Manager

Kidsafe SA provides a valuable service for our community and has assisted many South Australians to date. If you would like to know more or use any of their services, please take a look at their website.

During these uncertain times, technology plays an integral role in your ability to maintain business continuity. At the same time, it can enable new service models that can help to differentiate your organisation from the market. To learn how Blackbird IT can help you thrive amidst disruption. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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