Martins Brand House provides a diverse range of creative services that bring the need for multiple IT systems to be implemented and maintained. Martins runs a number of Mac and Windows servers and workstations, making it crucial to partner with an IT company that understands the intricacies of both platforms.

The Issue

Before Blackbird, the Mac workstations were running as stand-alone machines in a PC-dominated environment. Sharing files between Macs and PCs was a laborious task and administration was handled on a per-machine basis. The environment was often plagued by machine crashes and downtime due to disparities between the two platforms.

The Solution

The first task was to integrate the Macs into the existing Windows server infrastructure to provide a centrally managed network. This meant that both Mac and PC users could easily share files and information with great ease and it also considerably reduced the administrative burden of managing the two platforms independently.

Since 2005, Blackbird has ensured the continuous functionality of this environment through a combination of regular proactive maintenance, strategic planning and ongoing support. The improvements made to the infrastructure have resulted in significant gains in efficiency, stability and return-on-investment.

If your business uses both Macs and PCs and you need assistance with integrating the two, please give Blackbird a call on (08) 7324 7777.

About Martins Brand House

Martins Brand House is a specialist branding, design and advertising company with a diverse range of skills. It embraces marketing strategy, graphic design, advertising creative, digital media, websites, 3D, interior design and custom exhibitions along with signage design and construction to deliver fully integrated communication solutions.

For over 30 years, they have innovated new methods of communication. Their vision is to set new benchmarks for quality and innovation, through fully integrated marketing programs giving their clients a clear advantage.


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