Move Yourself Trailer Hire maintain a national network of self-service kiosks. Their propriety software is constantly evolving to make the hire process as simple and efficient as possible. It is absolutely essential that this system runs on an extremely robust platform that can scale quickly as the company grows.

The Issue

The hardware on which the VMware ESXi production cluster was running was approaching end of life and the Internet connectivity in both the SA Head and Victoria offices was starting to reach capacity. These factors were also coupled with environmental power outages at Head Office that were posing an increasing risk to the mission-critical infrastructure. A holistic review was undertaken to address the situation and develop a plan of attack.

The Solution

An overall strategy was developed where Blackbird first addressed Internet bandwidth limits. A scalable fibre service was implemented to connect the Head Office to Blackbird’s private data centre space in the city as well as a new SHDSL service in Victoria.

It was determined to be more cost-effective for Blackbird to provide the private IP connectivity between the two sites and then use the Telstra connectivity specifically for the kiosks.

During the communications review, the telephony solution was also reviewed. Blackbird worked with OneSolution to eliminate the existing VoIP telephony system in order to move to a new Shoretel telephony system. The result was a significant cost saving in communications links.

With the upgraded connectivity direct to the private data centre, Veeam Backup & Replication 8 was utilised to migrate production infrastructure to Blackbird’s Hosted Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) platform. Veeam’s exceptional replication technology ensured minimal interruption during the migration process. Veeam One was also implemented to ensure the environment was effectively monitored.

Advanced routing policies were configured to ensure that automatic failovers occur should there be any connectivity issues at the sites. Centralising the Internet connectivity at the datacentre also provided better insights into traffic management.

The solution addressed all issues whilst still providing the Move Yourself Trailer Hire team with control of their environment, so that development virtual servers can be managed independently as they continue to improve their software.

About Move Yourself Trailer Hire

Move Yourself Trailer and Ute hire offer quality trailer and ute hire across our many locations. They are 100% Australian owned, run by the family that started the business. Over many years of operation, Move Yourself Trailer Hire has proven that it is the industry leader by developing new and emerging technology to grow the industry.

With over 1000 locations across Australia and growing, Move Yourself is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and provide the best products on the market.

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