Naracoorte Primary School were faced with a network that had grown in size, a lack of technical support and a lack of accountability for all of their ICT systems. In order to regain control over their environment, the school engaged with Blackbird IT to perform an onsite technology and infrastructure audit, setup a Virtual Private Network in accordance with DECD guidelines, reconfigured their systems to decrease issues as well as provide ongoing ICT support to the school. Blackbird IT have been supporting Naracoorte Primary School for over 4 years now. This has included annual site visits to review the changing school environment, as well as ongoing support and training to support staff in their day to day ICT interactions. By engaging with Blackbird IT the school has:

  • Received dedicated ICT support
  • Seen a decrease in ICT issues
  • Gained technology infrastructure that is more strategic in minimising risk

The Issue

  • A lack of local technical support with a broad knowledge of needs within the education environment
  • A network that had grown in size, with ad hoc additions as needed
  • The increased risk of having only one person oversee all of their ICT systems, with no accountability

The Solution

  •  An onsite technology and infrastructure audit by the Blackbird IT team
  • The setup of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in accordance with DECD guidelines to securely provide technical support, and fix issues remotely
  • The reconfiguring of their systems to decrease issues, including the setup of an enterprise grade network and servers

Despite the budget constraints and their regional location, Naracoorte Primary School was still able to access premium ICT support through Blackbird IT. Additionally, Blackbird IT was able to train staff to better understand and use ICT in their classrooms.

About Naracoorte Primary School

Naracoorte Primary School is an R-7 school with approximately 460 students. The town of Naracoorte is situated 330kms South of Adelaide, 100kms North of Mount Gambier,

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