Toolbox contacted Blackbird when it was ready to take the next step with its IT. Tired of the problematic backup system and inefficient file-sharing method, the designers felt it was time to review how they were working with an aim to increase their productivity.

The Issue

Previously, Toolbox was running a peer-to-peer network with all of the company files shared from a single drive in one of the workstations. Email was hosted externally and there was a number of issues with the reliability of the network and backups.

The Solution

The first concern was that all the company data was stored on a computer with no redundancy. Further, the user of this computer suffered sporadic performance degradation when other staff members accessed that data. Blackbird identified this issue and explained the benefit of a dedicated server. A new server was subsequently installed with multiple drives to provide protection against hardware failure. Offsite backups were also configured to provide an additional layer of resilience.

Kerio Connect email software was installed on the server, which allowed the team to share emails, calendars and contacts between everyone. Kerio also overcame the file-size limit imposed by the old mail service which had previously hampered large mail attachments.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of hosting your own mail server, then call Blackbird on (08) 7324 7777.

About Toolbox Graphic Design

At Toolbox Graphic Design, they enjoy what they do. They specialise in corporate identity, sign systems, packaging and communication material. Based in Adelaide, Toolbox works with a broad range of clients, from small business to government departments. They work closely with their clients to deliver informed, creative solutions.

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