With the departure of their on-site IT School Support Officer, Unley Primary School was in need of assistance to rectify slow network speeds with their Apple devices, long login times and a vast array of technical issues requiring specialist help. With the support of Blackbird IT, Unley Primary School finds that they are more proactive with their ICT needs, now that they have set the best technology infrastructure in place for their learning environment.

The Issue

  • Departure of their on-site IT School Support Officer
  • Slow network speeds and extremely long login times with their Apple Devices
  • Vast array of technical issues, requiring specialist help

The Solution

  • Technology and infrastructure audit to identify all issues
  • Implement an optimised server and network configuration, to increase performance and user experience with their Apple devices
  • Implement strategy to schedule updates and changes over time, for a more cost effective approach to manage their mobile devices.

School Principal Peter O’Sullivan decided to explore the service and cost benefits of outsourcing their technology support needs to Blackbird IT. They are now enjoying the benefits of using a larger team of technology specialists to support their 460 students and staff. In addition to the regular on-site support, maintenance and upgrades the audit uncovered a range of issues that Blackbird IT was able to highlight with the School, and together each item was prioritised and addressed.

About Unley Primary School

Unley Primary School is an inner-suburb Reception – 7 school with an enrolment of around 460 students. Unley Primary provides a stimulating environment in which students are challenged to do their best with an emphasis on achievement in literacy, mathematics and in preparing as learners for the 21st Century.

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