We're Blackbird IT.

Blackbird IT exists to facilitate and empower our staff and customers to realise their potential. 

We strategically implement technology in organisations across the country, delivering precise IT recommendations to suit users, industry, budget, and goals. 

We’re all about revving up people’s intellectual horsepower so they can focus on deep and meaningful work. We’ll partner with you to leverage technology to harness people’s natural ingenuity and transform thought into action.

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People and technology is the name of our game. We play to win. And we want to be on your side of the field.

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We hire for culture first and foremost. We’d love to have someone who is amazing at what they do — but if they don’t fit in with our clients and the team, then it just won’t work. We know that the result of great work culture is outstanding customer service. Great people inspire each other and bring out the best in one another. (Shout out to Tony Hsieh. We’re your biggest fans.) 

So if you’re keen to work with us or you want to find out more about the culture at Blackbird IT, drop us a line at or drop by the office. Most of us are friendly and approachable.

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