Goolwa Primary School were in need of a trustworthy provider to complete a Server Upgrade and Windows 10 Deployment Project in their environment. Looking for an IT Provider that could not only deliver the project but one that could offer ongoing support to the school, Principal Louisa Guest reached out to Blackbird IT.

The Issue

Having recently purchased a new Server, Goolwa Primary School required a trustworthy scope for installation as well as an approach to ongoing support that offered solutions, not bandaid fixes for the school’s IT issues. With other providers unable to assist, the Principal reached out to Blackbird IT to engage with them on their Server Upgrade and Windows 10 Deployment project as well as providing ongoing on-site IT support.

The Solution

After completing an audit of Goolwa Primary School’s current environment, Blackbird IT provided a proposal for the Server Upgrade and Windows 10 Deployment project which met the agreed outcome requirements of the School. These outcomes included installing the latest Windows Server Operating System on the newly purchased server, configuration of Windows Deployment Services and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, a fresh Windows 10 image and installation of new software that allowed for easy deployment of applications after machines were imaged.

On completion of the project, a review was undertaken with the Principal and IT Support Officer to ensure they were satisfied with the project and that all agreed outcomes were met. The result was a seamless execution of the project with our engineer able to achieve all agreed outcomes within the approved budget and timeframe as well as being able to provide a half day of hand-over to the schools IT Support Officer.

About Goolwa Primary School

Goolwa Primary School is a medium sized Primary School situated in the historic river port town of Goolwa on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. The school has a strong focus on the integration of digital technologies across the curriculum and is well equipped with a range of desktops and mobile devices.

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