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digital security culture?

It is our mission to educate South Australian businesses on the pitfalls and common misconceptions around cybersecurity.
Together with the South Australian community, we’re endeavouring to reduce data breaches in South Australia in 2020 and beyond.

Effective cybersecurity is as much about the RIGHT MINDSET as it is about the right technology.

5 Top Tips to Drive a Digitally Secure Culture

Are you confident you’re following these tips for a
digitally secure culture?

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A Company Culture with Hardware-Enforced Support

Blackbird IT is proud to partner with HP, whose HP Elite PCs powered by Intel® are engineered with hardened security features to protect, identify and restore from potential attacks before they develop into bigger problems.

HP Sure Click

Helps to protect your device from malicious websites, office and PDF attachments through isolating the threat in a standalone virtual machine.3

HP Sure Sense

Helps to protect against new and unknown zero-day threats through the use of AI and deep learning algorithms – instinctively recognising and protecting.4

HP Privacy Camera

A physical shutter that easily slides over the web cam enables users to work confidently with peace of mind knowing they’re not being spied on.5

For help accompanying your digital security culture with HP Elite PCs powered by Intel®, talk to a Blackbird IT specialist today.




At Blackbird IT, our customers’ success drives our success, and we strive to provide a service that allows our clients to perform as well as possible.

We want to educate the South Australian community on prominent cyber-security threats, and the free and often simple educational processes you can put in place to avoid becoming the next victim.

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