Founded in 2001, Code42 is comprised of 400+ engineering, sales, marketing, design, and support professionals located throughout the world, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. They’re best known for CrashPlan, a system that manages and protects your digital life with easy-to-use software and high-performance hardware storage.

More than 35,000 businesses worldwide trust CrashPlan for secure endpoint data protection and unlimited, on-demand scalability that meets the strictest security requirements. A single admin can manage it all from one console, while silent, continuous backup keeps employees working.

Backup is only as good as the ability to restore. CrashPlan can restore anywhere, at any time, to any device, with no limits on file type, size or version. This is real-world backup, perfectly suited to your business, because work happens everywhere.

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  • Unlimited Backup – Protect every version of every file, forever, with no limits on type, size or number of files.
  • Restore From Anywhere – Users can restore files to any device, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone—at any time, even out of the office and without VPN.
  • Every Version – Files are backed up automatically as they change, giving you access to every version of every file, including deleted files.
  • Cross-Platform Protection – Back up every file on Windows, Linux or OS X laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms.
  • Smart Backup – CrashPlan securely backs up the most recently changed files first, on any network—no VPN necessary.
  • No Disruptions – Designed with laptop and desktop performance in mind, CrashPlan works silently in the background so users can keep working.

Blackbird use CrashPlan to backup client data to our Adelaide based private data centre. This ensures that in the event of a disaster, the data is readily available and clients have complete transparency on where the data is housed.

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