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Born and bred in South Australia, Acler is a contemporary women’s fashion label celebrating out-of-the-box thinking. Founders Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto have a common goal to rebel against cookie-cutter digital design and bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots.

Each Acler piece is developed over a process of 12 months and is subtly redrafted and re-draped along the way, allowing the design to take on its own form naturally. Their meticulous designs are timeless, made for the modern woman and have been worn by celebrities worldwide including Beyonce.

Behind the scenes, their CEO Julia Sumner fosters a flexible workplace which not only makes their team feel valued and appreciated but encourages all contributions regardless of their status in the organisation.

The success of this flexible work environment hinges on effective technology. Whether staff are in the office or working remotely, their IT needs to be able to handle the demands of working with large file sizes that are a critical part of what they do.


As a fashion brand, the Acler team share large videos, images and design files for their projects. They also rely heavily on emails, with a lot of back and forth between manufacturers and other key teams involved in their internal design process.

Their previous Microsoft 365 email and storage solution was not keeping up with these demands and was causing disruptions and frustrations on a daily basis.

Key challenges included:

  • Difficulty archiving files and easily locating critical emails.
  • Issues with file syncing correctly and regular filling up of inboxes.
  • Their existing combination of storage solutions were not working correctly together, causing business disruptions and frustration.
  • Frustrations were compounded by slow issue resolution response times by the existing IT provider.
  • Unsuitable Microsoft 365 licencing led to a serious lack of functionality.
  • High monthly cost for previous IT support model.

There were two critical pressure points—email and storage. Our business relies heavily on email for our development process, and our existing solution was a nightmare for us. We were also using a mix of storage solutions that weren’t working well together, causing our team a lot of frustration.” – Acler, Julia Sumner, CEO


With experience delivering successful solutions for a range of businesses, Blackbird IT came up as a recommendation on multiple occasions when Acler was searching for a new provider.

We started looking around for solutions, and Blackbird IT kept coming up as highly recommended by people in our network. After our discovery session with them, we were pleased to see that they ticked our boxes—most importantly being holistic and understanding the business needs.” – Acler, Julia Sumner, CEO


After completing a discovery session with Acler to understand their needs and business challenges, the team at Blackbird IT made recommendations that would tackle their pain points. This included implementing Dropbox Advance to handle their high storage demands, setting up the correct version of Microsoft 365 licensing and using Jamf Business collection of applications & services to keep Acler’s business data secure and to manage critical endpoint devices.

Delivered as a monthly service from Blackbird IT, these solutions save the Acler team time, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Over the years, Blackbird IT solutions have included:

  • A scalable storage system that enables collaboration and backup with Dropbox Advance
  • Jamf Pro with Jamf Protect to manage devices, so everything is up to date and secure
  • Microsoft365 Business E3 for Advanced Threat Protection
  • Password review and best practices implemented
  • Multifactor authentication/2FA and cyber awareness
  • Resilient backup with data encryption to protect Intellectual Property
  • Automated application deployment for adding new devices
  • A baseline cyber security footprint to protect Acler’s data and Intellectual Property

“Our new email and storage solutions have made life a lot easier for our team, cutting out many of the daily frustrations we were facing. I was also impressed by Blackbird IT’s customer service and how quickly they would assist us with any issues.” – Acler, Julia Sumner, CEO


Julia Somner | Acler CEO

Julia Sumner | Acler CEO

Since Blackbird IT implemented the new solutions, the team at Acler have reported improved productivity and smoother daily processes. Their data is also more secure as a result of the increased protection provided by Jamf Protect.

  • The team can focus on their core work without being bogged down with IT issues.
  • Easier to archive and find emails.
  • Improved device security wherever staff are working with real-time alerts from Jamf Protect.
  • Reliable, fast storage and file syncing.
  • Efficient issue resolution with expert support from Blackbird IT.
  • A security-focused IT environment.
  • A partnership with a trusted advisor that provides ongoing improvements and advice.



Acler and Blackbird IT will continue to work together on upcoming projects, including migrating their internet connection from NBN to Fibre, setting up a fit for purpose video conference solution and further enhancing content management and collaboration solutions.

The relationship is built on a foundation of delivering outcomes. In this case, it was to address the issues making everyday work a challenge. The process began with a discovery phase to identify Acler’s position, needs and what is critical for the business and its stakeholders. Blackbird IT’s team reviewed the existing environment and documented a priority list and plan to address the challenges, as well as to identify future improvements to enhance their experience with IT.

“We keep growing, and IT should never be seen as a temporary thing on the list. It’s really important to have a good provider with solid solutions so that they can grow with us. And we’re relieved to have found this in Blackbird IT.” – Acler, Julia Sumner, CEO

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